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Coffee News – Franchise Review

Coffee News is a power-packed weekly publication meant for restaurants, coffee shops that serve the advertising needs of small business. Started by Dean Daum in 1988, the franchise is now operating around Canada and other cities. The newsletters delivers fun information, news stories, trivia, horoscopes, jokes and entertainment, which seem to have sharp contrast to regular newspaper and television news broadcasts. The business distributes coffee news as a service to their clientele and does not pay or receive any fees for the service.Coffee News To Serve Your TasteAs a franchise offer this company delivers the right to publish coffee news and to allocate the periodical to restaurants and food related business with a specific geographical area. Everything within this unique and innovative publication is both fun and entertaining, and it is for sure that you will never come across any bad news within these pages. Every 8 weeks coffee news inc. distributes weekly copies of coffee news to the franchisees.The coffee news Franchise is roped on creating a publication that only offers positive and happy news, well appreciated by the people. The franchise strives hard to provide the other side of the news. The news that make readers and audience smile, laugh and enjoy themselves rather than focusing on negativity that most publications eye on. The company believes that the individual who does the work should reap the benefits. As a general rule, only the people who are at the initial stages of a multi-level marketing organization make a lot of money. Hence coffee news decided to create the business as a franchise opportunity.Training & TerminationWell talking about financial assisting, the company does not offer direct or indirect financing and does not guarantee any note, lease or obligation. As a potential home based business owner, exploring the coffee news publication can open the windows of wide money making opportunities. Here the training required is completely voluntary and continues for two and a half days. The training in question is not limited to sales, billing, ad design, collections, distributions, marketing and start-up. The training program serves as a good purpose to the majority of franchise owners who lacks the primary knowledge of such business.The franchise receives an exclusive area and the right to distribute the publication of coffee news. The Total Franchise investment required is $ 9,400 along with Royalty fee $20-75/wk. To terminate the contract, the franchisee has to give 120 days prior notice. Those seeking for a Franchisee opportunity will have to go through an application form that will invite you for a contract. After signing the contract you will be notified that you are entering 4-years renewable terms of Franchisee agreement. The term can be renewed for additional 4 years if certain provisions are met. Remember the Coffee news Inc. will not terminate the agreement without any cause.Hence, if you are interested in opening a great money-making, home/office -based business and have an interest in publishing, Coffee news undeniably is the franchising opportunity you should be exploring for you to reap commendable benefits.

Evolution of Christian Art

The most common items in this art are the images of Jesus and those from the narrative scenes of his life, images of saints and Virgin Mary, which are more common in the Roman Catholicism than in Protestants. Comparing the three main religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, this sacred art is mostly used in Christianity while Judaism and Islam are opposed to it. Renaissance art on the other hand is the sculpture, decorative arts and painting of the period referred to as the Renaissance in the European history.Art historyThe oldest of ecclesiastical art dates back to the origin of Christianity. Some of the oldest paintings are from the Megiddo site which was dated back to year 70. The oldest sculpture dates back to the 2nd century. Most of the Early Christian paintings were recovered from tombs in Catacombs of Rome. These paintings depict the evolution of depiction of the image of Jesus. Majority of the art that survived the Roman Empire fall is the Christian art.This is mainly because the church ownership continuity preserved the church art well than the secular works. Regardless of the fall of political structure of the Western Roman Empire during the fall of Rome, its religious pecking order funded and commissioned the production of religious art images.During the Byzantine Empire, ecclesiastical art developed from the naturalism established within Hellenistic art into a more conceptual aesthetic. This new style saw proportions, color and realistic perspective forgone in order to have reverse perspective, standardized conventions and geometric form simplification to depict events and individuals. Standardization of the religious imagery came as a result of the controversy about the use of graven imagery, Byzantine Iconoclasm crisis and interpretation of the Second Commandment.The Byzantine art came to an end during the collapse of Constantinople in the year 1453. Orthodox art however continued with production with minimal changes in style and subject to the present day. Russia gradually became the leading production center of the Orthodox art. The production of monumental secular works increased in the West during the Renaissance until the Protestant Reformation. This reformation led to a decline in production of sacred art in the protestant countries. It also led to the destruction of such art in those countries. In Catholic countries however, production of this art continued over this period. Later on, Catholic art was better controlled than before.Art is Christian and reveals in its beauty, the inner likeness of the radiance of grace. This is the case especially if the art is made from a heart that is suffused by grace. The beauty of art work is Christian if the artist is strictly disposed towards the beauty. The quality of Christian art is therefore a reflection of love it issues from.

7 Tips For Super Health

What is real health and how do we get there? Getting down to your target weight, exercising every day, eating a balanced diet – is that health? Here are 7 Super Health tips that I’ve gained from my health journey.Super Health Tip # 1 – Become Your Own Doctor – Get a 2nd Opinion – Your Own. Three critical facts about today’s doctors. First, they have little, if any, training in nutrition, or how to prevent or cure diseases. Second, they treat your symptoms, not the cause, and third, statistics show that 94% of them get paid for prescribing drugs. 3 good reasons for a 2nd opinion.Super Health Tip # 2 – Balance is Critical. A stool Has 3 Legs – just one or two and you fall over. What you eat determines 70% of your health. Exercise determines 20% – do something. Your health environment, both internally, the way you think and feel, and externally, your social network, is 10%.Super Health Tip # 3 – Discover Super Foods. Whole foods provide better nutrition, more energy, and build a stronger immune system. Eat whole grains and seeds in cereals and breads, and wheat germ, bran and brewers yeast. Eat fruits and vegetables and drink green smoothies, fruit smoothies with 2 or 3 green veggies added. I have my green smoothie recipe on my site.Super Health Tip # 4 – Invest In You. You educate yourself, spend thousands on your home and cars. Invest in your body – for the best results over your lifetime. Take nutrition courses – read some health books. Learn what builds health and what causes degenerative diseases (tip: it’s what you eat). Read The China Study to revolutionize your life.Super Health Tip # 5 – Discipline Yourself – No-one Else Can. Become a closet health nut year by year. Don’t broadcast it – live it. Many people care more about their cars than their body – and spend more time planning their vacations than they do caring for the temple they live in. Don’t be one of them. Incorporate what you learn into your lifestyle.Super Health Tip # 6 – Health is a Journey. Your body is miraculously resilient. You can recover from obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction, and from abusing your body. Your health is always determined by what you do in the previous 3 months of your life. Commit to and become healthier, and live into your 80s and 90s, and even 100s with joy, zest, and bounding energy.Super Health Tip # 7 – Become a 95% Vegetarian. The evidence is now conclusive. The fat, cholesterol, triglycerides, and carcinogenic protein from meat and dairy products clogs us up, restricts our blood flow, decreases the oxygen to our cells, makes us sluggish, causes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and cancer. Cut out 95% of meat and dairy. Fruits, vegetables and grains taste heavenly when your tongue isn’t filtering them through layers of fat, grease, salt, and sugar. The sensational Eating DVD documents it all.by Terry Kent, founder of The Health and Nutrition CenterTo your health,