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Digital Marketing Trends for 2013

Digital marketing is ever-evolving, and as we move into the year 2013, it is evident that the technology to deliver the enterprise with digital at its core is here now. The challenge is to lead and marshal the talent and innovative culture needed to make it a reality. Given below are a few trends to watch out.Increase in the number of Digital Marketing Agencies or ConsultantsThe digital revolution has forever changed the balance of power between the customer and the organization, putting customers in charge of the relationship. The pace of decisions and deployments for marketing automation software and services is booming. However most marketing teams are not yet ready to deal with the complexity of marketing automation nor are they capable of fully leveraging the digital transformation that is required. Due this and the unprecedented demand is contributing towards the increase in the number of Digital Marketing agencies or consultants.Small and medium businesses are also realizing the power of content marketing and need consulting services to help with the proliferation of the marketing tools and technology available, so more and more organizations are turning to digital marketing agencies to preside over these efforts.CMO and CIO Departments to strengthen their partnershipTechnology is rapidly remaking marketing departments; marketing campaigns are morphing into enterprise digital media projects that encompass. Marketing budgets are growing to meet IT demand, it is critically important for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to collaborate in new ways and transform their organizations to drive business growth.The Year of MobileConsumers are spending more time and money on their mobile devices than ever before; there are encouraging evidences which support consumer engagement via mobile. Brands are keen to leverage location technology, social media and other behavioral data to orchestrate their mobile marketing as it is generation lot of attention.Integrated Marketing CampaignsAs marketers aspire to leverage cross-channel digital campaigns to deliver real-time results at a lower cost, integrated channel campaigns will take dominance. An integrated tool set that can convert unknown traffic to known traffic will leverage competitive advantage to most companies.Data Driven MarketingData driven marketing will take prominence in the year ahead. An average B2B company uses, on average 6 different Marketing automation tools to manage a single marketing campaign, and all these tools provide the bulk of actionable data. Moreover, a company’s social network can now range into millions of potential unique contacts. The sheer number of people, accounts, and permutations in the data make engaging with that audience very daunting. At the same time, companies are under intense pressure to drive revenue, and tight budgets are forcing marketers to make informed data-driven decisions. Tools that will enable marketers to extract the insights from the detailed bulk data will actually serve modern marketing needs.Optimized Cross Channel Customer Experience This is what all marketers’ are focused on delivering. The customer journey should be seamless across channels and each should play to its strengths. To achieve this all your digital platforms must talk to each other and in sync with the overall marketing strategy.Content marketingThe trend in Content Marketing is to focus less on preparing content that will sell and more on content that will educate. Instead of pitching products or services, delivering information that makes your buyer more intelligent will work. Content writers and bloggers will be distinguished by the content they create and their influence reaches, not by their titles. There are a host of new decision engines, social curation platforms, content provisioning and production technologies and services emerging (e.g. Story stream, Smartology, iTrigga etc). The demand for content curation rapidly increasing, there is an interesting new set of platforms and services appearing that will enable new content models enhance content delivery by enhancing existing CMSs.Other trends:· email marketing will continue to growing at astonishing rates· Paid search for B2B companies will become less popular as new ad platforms will emerge· Google will continue to dominate the B2B search market· The big four of the internet will be Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top

Looking for a chic and comfortable outfit that can take you from day to night? Look no further than the Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top. With its flowy silhouette, soft fabric, and feminine ruffled sleeves, this top is perfect for any occasion.

Whether you’re running errands, going out for lunch with friends, or attending a dinner party, this tunic top has got you covered. Pair it with skinny jeans and heels for an elevated look or wear it with leggings and sneakers for a more casual vibe.

Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top

Source: Unsplash


  • Ruffled sleeves for a feminine touch
  • Flowy silhouette for comfort
  • Soft and breathable fabric
  • V-neckline adds a touch of elegance
  • Available in various colors and sizes

Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top

Source: Unsplash

The Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top is made from high-quality, lightweight fabric that feels soft against your skin. It also features a v-neckline that elongates your neck and adds a touch of sophistication to the design.

This top is available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit every style and body type. The loose-fitting silhouette and ruffled sleeves provide ample room for movement, making it perfect for any occasion.


1. What is the fabric of this top?

The Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top is made from a soft and breathable fabric that feels comfortable against your skin.

2. Is this top true to size?

Yes, this top is available in various sizes and fits true to size. Please refer to the size chart for accurate measurements.

3. How should I care for this top?

This top is machine washable on a gentle cycle. We recommend hanging it to dry or tumble drying on low heat.

In conclusion, the Effortlessly Chic Ruffled Sleeve Tunic Top is a versatile piece that will elevate your wardrobe to the next level. Whether you’re dressing it up or down, this top will keep you feeling comfortable and stylish all day long.

An Online Business School: The Best Fit for Your Education Needs

Online business schools have exploded in popularity in recent years. Whether it’s a working professional that wants to advance in his career or a younger student that doesn’t prefer the traditional classroom, online business education has become popular with all different types of students.If your job dictates that you can’t attend a traditional classroom during the day or live too far away from a campus, online schools or distance learning can help. Many new programs are hybrids–half classroom learning and the other half online. Many of these classes are also at night, so students can still work during the day.Online Education: Job-Saving AlternativeMany businesses pay more and give you more responsibility–and more pay–when you have a business education. But if you’re a working adult, that can put you in a pickle: keep working dutifully and stay in your current position, or quit altogether and go back to school and earn the degree that can put you ahead. Online business schools create a third and much preferred option: Keep your job and work toward your preferred degree via the Internet on your own schedule.Online Classrooms Direct to YouMany online business schools market themselves heavily toward the busy adult. For the distance learning institution, the traditional college student might be a stay-at-home-parent, willing to advance his career but preferring to avoid the ivy-covered buildings and throngs of recent high school graduates who tend to be more concerned with the university social scene than their education. Distance learning schools have irregular schedules to meet your needs or no schedule at all. Classes tend to go one at a time and are heavily concentrated. Remember summer school?Competing for Your DollarOnline business schools also give rise to regular competition for your local university. The local college used to be the only school. But now online studies are available to you almost anywhere in the country. If your college is based in Boston, Mass., but you’re in the middle of a garlic farm in Gilroy, Calif., you can still attend that school full-time without ever leaving home. If you don’t like what your local university has to offer, there are literally hundreds of online schools, all clamoring for your dollar.AdmissionsAdmissions at online schools tend to be more lenient. Don’t let that fool you, as the work loads are the same, but look for a few things:• Work experience in a field related to your business degree is almost as important as prior education.
• For many undergrad programs, you can apply with just a GED.
• MBA programs usually want more work experience than the undergrads. They obviously require a bachelor’s degree, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a business-related field or carry a high GPA.
• Despite higher tuition costs, most online business schools are quick to get you on the fast track for student aid.Online College ExplosionOnline education, or distance learning, has exploded in recent years. Colleges and universities that offer any form of distance learning is at 66 percent of all accredited schools. According to the Department of Education, more than 12 million students enrolled in distance learning: 77 percent online, 12 percent in hybrid/blended online and classroom courses, and 10 percent in other distance learning classes for the 2006 to 2007 school year.With so many options in online education, why not explore the range of business degree programs available to you.