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Evolution of Christian Art

The most common items in this art are the images of Jesus and those from the narrative scenes of his life, images of saints and Virgin Mary, which are more common in the Roman Catholicism than in Protestants. Comparing the three main religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam, this sacred art is mostly used in Christianity while Judaism and Islam are opposed to it. Renaissance art on the other hand is the sculpture, decorative arts and painting of the period referred to as the Renaissance in the European history.Art historyThe oldest of ecclesiastical art dates back to the origin of Christianity. Some of the oldest paintings are from the Megiddo site which was dated back to year 70. The oldest sculpture dates back to the 2nd century. Most of the Early Christian paintings were recovered from tombs in Catacombs of Rome. These paintings depict the evolution of depiction of the image of Jesus. Majority of the art that survived the Roman Empire fall is the Christian art.This is mainly because the church ownership continuity preserved the church art well than the secular works. Regardless of the fall of political structure of the Western Roman Empire during the fall of Rome, its religious pecking order funded and commissioned the production of religious art images.During the Byzantine Empire, ecclesiastical art developed from the naturalism established within Hellenistic art into a more conceptual aesthetic. This new style saw proportions, color and realistic perspective forgone in order to have reverse perspective, standardized conventions and geometric form simplification to depict events and individuals. Standardization of the religious imagery came as a result of the controversy about the use of graven imagery, Byzantine Iconoclasm crisis and interpretation of the Second Commandment.The Byzantine art came to an end during the collapse of Constantinople in the year 1453. Orthodox art however continued with production with minimal changes in style and subject to the present day. Russia gradually became the leading production center of the Orthodox art. The production of monumental secular works increased in the West during the Renaissance until the Protestant Reformation. This reformation led to a decline in production of sacred art in the protestant countries. It also led to the destruction of such art in those countries. In Catholic countries however, production of this art continued over this period. Later on, Catholic art was better controlled than before.Art is Christian and reveals in its beauty, the inner likeness of the radiance of grace. This is the case especially if the art is made from a heart that is suffused by grace. The beauty of art work is Christian if the artist is strictly disposed towards the beauty. The quality of Christian art is therefore a reflection of love it issues from.

Deciding the Right Path to Success

There is no pre-set rules or text books available that can guide a young graduate to succeed in his corporate career. He merely needs to know what he truly desire and have a strong determination to reach his goal. Without it, it is unlikely anyone can succeed, even if he is blessed with a lot of good luck along the way. In addition, he needs to stay focus and consistent in his pursuit and not be distracted no matter what.

Keeping focused on your goal means that we’re purposely fading out everything that pulls you away from your goal. It’s a disciplined lifestyle of choosing to see every struggle throught the lens of a single mindedness pursuit.

Focus on your goal, not your proble. Listen to your heart, not your insecurities. Don’t focus on your adversaries instead focus on possibilities. Understanding the bigger picture and the purposes. Take a break and celebrate every little success that come your way. Reward yourself once you have completed a task and repeat the same with a bigger reward when you achieve a bigger task in the future. Keep doing it and be persistent.

At the end of the day, one also need be pragmatic and if need be to adjust your goal in line with the latest development, trend and changes in the market. For example, it be suicidal to still pursue a career in film based photography in light of digital era and son on.


Dare to network from a very young age. Join in for social events and seminars. Collect contacts and keep in touch
Be curious and explore what is out there
Be “seen” in the social networks to keep others informed of your availability and progress constantly
Dare to reach out to senior level people, even if they don’t notice you
Focus on investing / creating a name for yourself where your skills set are sought after and notice
Avoid being a generalist, but rather a specialist where your skills are unique and become more valuable as you ages
Many of Robert’s peers that progress usually do not depend on job applications or headhunters but rather on ex colleagues and ex bosses who are impressed with their skills while they were together. You be surprised how one can quickly climb the corporate ladders bypassing the need to wait for the next long list of grades purposely created to slow down the progress of any employee because of this “connection” built over the years.